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The Community Tab (New Feature Release!)

September 14, 2020

A new feature has been launched in the Digifox app!

You may have seen it and explored it already, but just in case you have not, or still have questions, we’re going to explain more about what it is and more importantly, why we’ve implemented this feature.

Welcome to the Community Tab.

What is the Community Tab for?

The Community Tab was designed as a place to organize and display our current, ongoing challenges.  We provide the rules for the challenges as well as your rankings. This way, you can see where you are and what you might need to achieve if you want to increase your chances of winning.  Ultimately, it’s a way for you to connect and engage with the community surrounding Digifox.

Why is there a Community Tab?

At Digifox, we want our brand to be focused on the people using our app to take control of their financial future.  The functional aspect of our vision is put into practice through the current and upcoming additional features we are constantly working to improve upon within the Digifox wallet.  

However, there’s another side to this vision we don’t ignore.  

The people side.

We want to appeal to a large community that extends past those knowledgeable of crypto and blockchain technology.  Our goal is to bring in and educate a range of people with a range of knowledge, and give them the opportunity to learn more about their finances.

Digifox is always working on both written and video content to further educate our user base on the topics of finance.  This includes crypto-focused and more general financial content. Currently, the best way to find these resources is on our website and our social media. In the future, we’re going to make this information as accessible as possible to our user base by using the Community tab to publish updates!

The Challenge Area

The challenge section is where you can view our ongoing challenges available to the community.  Tapping on a particular challenge will show you the leaderboard as well as the criteria for participating.  You will also be able to see the prize tiers to understand just how much you might be able to earn and invest back into yourself.  

The Referral Area

Here, you’ll have easy access to your referral link as well as visibility of the different tiers and the benefits they offer.  You’ll easily be able to keep track of your long-term progression towards each tier and see how close you are to reaching that next level.  

The Future Vision

We’re constantly working towards not only improving our company, but benefiting our community (both within Digifox and outside it) in more ways than one.  We want you to be able to improve your financial well-being (regardless of where you are now) and inspire others to do so as well.

If you have any feedback (positive or otherwise) regarding the Community Tab, please reach out to the team via Intercom either in the app or on our website!  Digifox’s goal is to improve your life, so if there’s something we could be doing better to help achieve this goal, we want you to let us know.  

Digifox is an all-in-one finance platform. Earn 50-100x more on your interest, buy crypto, and send money globally.

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