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BTC 2021 - Post Conference Interview With Hope Szymanski (COO)

June 16, 2021

The Digifox team attended the 2021 Miami Bitcoin conference amidst the thousands excited to plug themselves in the most recent crypto news and technologies. Digifox CEO, Nicholas Merten, shared an exciting ‘industry first’ feature called “Get Paid In Crypto” enabling everyone to start earning their income in value stable cryptocurrencies. After the conference, we had a chance to sit down with the COO of Digifox, Hope Szymanski, to talk and ask some questions about her time at the event.

What was it like to attend your first cryptocurrency conference?

There were actually a lot more people there than I thought there would be! It was a huge conference with a lot of people, yet still felt like a small event because you got a community feel from everyone there. More than likely because of many of the attendees’ love for crypto and Bitcoin.

Did you enjoy the venue and did it fit the theme of the conference?

The venue was large enough to accommodate the crowds, however, it seemed like the BTC Conference staff were ill-prepared to handle the crowds in an organized fashion (e.i. Having bathroom space, providing easy access to food, organizing check in, etc).

How often would someone ask you about different cryptocurrencies?

It was not often at all that we were asked about any types of cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

Can you describe the energy from the attendees throughout the conference?

Most people were just really excited to learn about new, emerging, technologies and to hang out with other like-minded Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Did you learn anything surprising or something you may not have known while attending?

Many attendees were extremely interested in how to best take advantage of certain tax situations that are possible in the world of crypto. There were also so many different emerging technologies surrounding the crypto world and it was very interesting to see so many fun projects!

Were you surprised by the turn out at the Digifox booth?

Compared to other booths, yes! We always had people to talk to - it was really fun!

What was your favorite part about the Bitcoin conference?

My favorite part of the conference was being able to meet some of our users in person, and seeing how excited people were to hear of our announcement for our latest feature (launching in the summer): Get Paid In Crypto.

Including the presentations, did you expect to see as many people interested in cryptocurrency?

I knew there were a lot, but I hadn’t seen so many crypto fans all in person and under one roof at the same time before!

What were your favorite questions to get during the conference?

A few of my favorite questions were “will my employer know I’m getting paid in crypto?,” and any question related to our company, Digifox.

Say an individual is new to cryptocurrency; would you recommend they attend a crypto conference?

It depends. If you are going with friends, I’d say it’s worth going if you’re incredibly interested in learning more about new crypto technologies.

If you could change one thing about the conference, what would it be?

Having food options for attendees closer to the venue itself, as well as making accommodations for more than one bathroom facility, would be massive improvements. Additionally, it is usually conference etiquette to offer your sponsors accommodations for food and resting areas. However, none was given to us despite us being sponsors.

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