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Digifox Discord Launch

December 14, 2020

If you haven’t already joined the Digifox Discord server, you should.  Not only is it a way to connect with your fellow crypto and DeFi followers, but it’s also a great way to get to know the team and get exclusive insights to the Digifox world.

Discuss Cryptocurrency with Other Early Adopters

We have channels dedicated to discussing new trends in the crypto market, personal finance, and specific dapps (decentralized apps) the community is interested in.  Take the discussion off Twitter and have the freedom to chat in a more casual, conversational way.

Provide App Feedback

Our team is constantly asking our community what is most important to them.  What do you want to see within the app?  What would improve your personal user experience?  What do you want to see outside of the app, on our blog, YouTube, and social media?  Our channel #app-feedback is specifically for that.  

#digifox-help is the place to go if you’re looking for general assistance from a community member or one of our admins.  

Any bug reports or issues that might require team assistance should go to the customer support team through Intercom.  This can be found either in the “Contact Support” section under the Profile Tab in the app, or in the chat box on our website,

Get Early Access to Announcements and New Content

New challenges and new content are a frequent occurrence at Digifox, and being in the Discord means getting early access to our written and video content.  You will also be able to see important announcements here, including challenges, app updates, and webinars.  

Join Exclusive Voice Calls With the Digifox Team

You may have joined a Digifox webinar via Zoom in the past with a few of our team members.  Usually, we’ll talk about the app or a piece of content we’ve created.  This is followed by a Q&A session, which is what most people are looking forward to.  

On our Discord, several members of the team will hop on a voice channel and invite our Discord community members to chat with us back and forth in an informal, conversational way.  You’re invited (and encouraged!) to ask us questions using your mic, or just talk with us so we can get to know you better and you can get to know individual members of the team better.

The Digifox Discord can be found under the Community Tab in If you decide to join the Discord server after reading this (which is highly recommended by everyone at Digifox), after you read the rules, join the discussion in #general and answer this question:

Which Cryptocurrency first got you interested in DeFi, and why? See you around Discord!

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