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Women In Tech: Hope Szymanski (COO)

March 31, 2021

Hope Szymanski doesn’t follow the traditional paths and that has been the key to her success. Hope was homeschooled and didn’t attend a traditional college. 

Instead she took a business intensive program focused around startup companies, and that has played into Digifox’s success.

Hope began her career working for a very small startup. “When you work for a small company, you wear several hats. I like that!”, she explained. 

Although Hope was a Sales Development Rep in her first company, she spent a lot of time supporting marketing and delving in to learn more about how to best serve the customer. Hope has worked for small startups and larger startups and she knows what is important in order to be successful. We sat down with Hope (virtually of course) and asked her some questions.

Who Do You Look Up To? Who/What Inspires You?

My biggest heroes in business are my parents to be honest. They taught me so much about how to work hard while still having fun, and they have encouraged me so much along my journey and throughout my career.

How Do You Keep Your Team Motivated?

I have the honor and privilege of working with really amazing teammates, and honestly I believe the best way to motivate anyone is to continually point out everything you appreciate about them, and let them know you're on their team no matter what. I hope my team feels like they can talk to me about anything.

How Do You Differentiate Yourself In The Tech Field?

By being a go-getter, hustling, and providing value before it is asked of me. Basically, being proactive.

What Is Your Five Year Plan?

I envision a world where Digifox is the go-to all in one finance app. Where everyone across the world has equal access to better finance through Digifox, and we can start to fight against the control of the banking industry.

What Is Your Vision Of An Ideal Company Culture?

I hate corporate red tape. So much. The culture we have now at Digifox is incredible in that we are transparent with each other and don't play political games. I want to keep that honest, flexible, feel to the company as it continues to grow.

Do You Have Any Advice For Women That Want To Follow In Your Path?

This doesn't apply to just women, but I got where I am by looking for opportunities and providing value wherever and whenever possible. Many people talk about watching out for opportunities, but I've always been taught to create my own opportunities, which has served me well.

Hope has always forged her own path, and she is helping to lead Digifox on its own path for the future! She is a leader with drive, determination, and compassion.

Digifox is an all-in-one finance platform. Earn 50-100x more on your interest, buy crypto, and send money globally.

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